Speech Therapy

SanStone Health: Offering Residents Speech Therapy in NC

Losing your ability to speak or swallow after a neurological event or other medical experience can have a large impact on your ability to complete crucial activities. That’s why SanStone Health & Rehabilitation includes speech therapy in NC as part of our rehabilitation services. As a resident of our skilled nursing center, you can meet with our on-site speech therapists up to five times a week to improve your speech or swallowing abilities.

Personalized Treatment with Our Speech Therapists

At SanStone Health, our NC speech therapists provide individualized plans that help you fight speech or swallowing disorders. These disorders are often caused by:

  • Neurological incidents, like strokes
  • Trauma
  • Cognitive defects

For both our short- and long-term care residents, we use a variety of effective speech therapy treatments:

  • Electrical stimulation
  • Deep pharyngeal nerve stimulation
  • Vitalstim therapy

These treatments help to strengthen the swallowing response. If you are experiencing facial droop, neuromuscular stimulation can help build your facial muscles, which is important for appearance, speech and swallowing.

In addition, the speech therapists at SanStone work collaboratively with other care providers to increase the communication skills of residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Improve Your Swallowing or Speech Disorder in NC

Whether you have developed a stutter from a neurological incident or would like to enjoy your meals with ease again, the team at SanStone Health is here to provide speech therapy rehabilitation in NC. If you would like to make our skilled nursing facility your temporary or long-term home and receive care from our speech therapists on a regular basis, please contact us at your nearest location or our main office at (888) 413-6811, and we will gladly look into how we can help you.

SanStone Health & Rehabilitation offers speech therapy rehabilitation across NC at our locations, including Anson Health, Ashton Health, Camden Health, Carolina CareElizabeth CityHendersonville, Hickory Falls, The Lodge at Mills River, Madison, Oak Forest, Sanford, South Village, StoneCreek, and Village Green.