- Reviews from Our NC Health & Rehab Residents

To learn about what we do at SanStone Health & Rehabilitation, we encourage you to read our patient testimonials. You’ll learn the personal stories of residents and family members who enjoyed a positive recovery experience at our rehabilitation center.

If you have been served by SanStone, we would love to hear what you have to share. Or, if you’re interested in staying at our rehabilitation center, speak to one of our staff members or schedule a time to see our locations in person by contacting us today.

To whom it may concern,
On Saturday (9/16/17), my brother and I took our elderly father for an outing.  It was quite a walk from the bleachers back to the car, and my father was having a very hard time.  Out of nowhere, a woman came to assist us.  She had another gal with her as well. They helped my father all the way to the car and helped us get him in.  The woman with the long red hair, had a logo on her shirt "Hickory Falls Health and Rehabilitation" and after some research, I found your website. The point of my email is to thank you. You must have some caring individuals that work for your company, to help complete strangers.  I am sure at some point we may need a health and rehabilitation for my father, and I sure hope it is with people like you have working for your company. Thank you for all you do for the elderly.  Have a blessed day.
- With much respect,  Linda B. Settlemyre -- Hickory Falls

These people here at Hickory Falls helped me get my life back together. I had never been sick enough to have to use this type of facility. They went way beyond anything I could have ever imagined helping me get stronger than I was before I had pneumonia. It was horrible but the folks at Hickory Falls brought me back to myself. I loved all the nurses and aides and therapist. The building is super clean and well kept. The food is fine for a large facility. I can't name all the great people but my favorite people know who they are. If you or a loved one needs to go for some therapy, this should be your place. Thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart.
- V.E. -- Hickory Falls

Words cannot express enough what a difference you have shown my brother in 20 days of his stay with you.  The Therapy Staff was a great help in assisting him.  I want to thank you all for a job well done.  From Admissions all the way to Housekeeping, the Staff had been great.
 - Thanks, L. M. -- Madison

Madison Manor Staff:
Thank you for all your wonderful care for dad during his 41 day stay!  We appreciate all your encouragement, stories (cause he love to talk), laps, everything that was done for him to allow him to get back home.  On his first day home, he got back to his garden!
Thanks for helping make that happen!
- Sincerely, James McCurry & Girls Julie, Becky, & Shea -- Madison

Paul Shogren and ALL the staff at HHR: Words are really insufficient to express our gratitude for all that you did for our dad while he was in your care. You will always have a special place in our hearts. We sill always be grateful we chose Hendersonville Health and Rehab.
- B & P -- Hendersonville

Dear Oak Forest personnel: I want to apologize 10 zillonth power for this thank you card being so late. For those there when I was in rehab I was the one who had a stripper pole in my room to aid me getting in and out of the bed. My room was straight across from the nurses station. I want to thank the doctor, the PA, all nurses, all of the CNAs, all of the PTs and OTs and wound care specialists who gave me the best possible care. A friend of mine says a late thank you is better than no thank you at all. There has not been a day since I left Oak Forest that I have not thought of you all. I have been on a walker for some time and am driving. God bless you all for saving my life. Love to you all.
- Former Resident from March 2015 -- Oak Forest

I recently stayed one week at The Lodge in Mills River following a total knee replacement surgery. It may seem odd for someone to use the word "fun" in the same sentence with "rehab facility" but that is exactly what my week was: fun! While I dealt with the pain of being right out of surgery, the staff at The Lodge were absolutely top-notch when it came to their high level of care, their joyful spirits, their professionalism, their willingness to help. I was so impressed with the team spirit that was evident. It was also evident to me that the staff love their jobs and they love caring for the residents.
Please convey my gratitude for them all. I felt truly blessed to get to go their for my post-surgery physical therapy. 
- Debra Gaddy -- The Lodge at Mills River

To Whom It May Concern:

I was very happy with my stay here. People treated me with the upmost respect. If anything happens to me, I would love to come back here. It is clean, very charming, the aides and staff are good. Thank you buddies!
- Holly Holloway -- Sanford

“ I really needed to be here (Camden) after the first hip replacement. You guys could have really helped me.  All the staff was excellent. Don’t change a thing.”
- Anonymous -- Camden

Gay -- "Thank you very much for the flowers on behalf of Mother. And a special thankyou to your staff for the kind attention and care they gave her. She was truly a special person who had a tremendous effect on those she knew."

- R.T. Huntley Family -- Anson

To the Staff at StoneCreek Rehab Center,
"Thank you for your loving care of our beloved mother, Jan Davis. We are deeply grateful for your prayers and support over the last year."
- The Davis Family -- StoneCreek

Dear StoneCreek Staff,

"Words cannot express my gratitude to each of you for all the wonderful care you gave L. Green during the time he lived there. EAch of you have welcomed all of my family with open arms, loving on us as you cared for him. You have been the hands and feet of Jesus to us and we are so grateful to you. Len loved you all and felt a part of the StoneCreek family, as did we. You have set your standards high and you can be satisfied that standard is noticed by everyone at StoneCreek. I especially thank you for the beautiful flowers I received. What a lovely surprise!"
Your friend,
- A. W. -- StoneCreek

"To the helping hands and loving hearts at StoneCreek,
Thank you for helping N. Dowdle and for loving her through the years at StoneCreek."
- V. Scott -- StoneCreek

"Words can't express what StoneCreek has meant to our family. Your care of mom was very precious to us. Please let your staff know how important what they do meant to patients and their families. You each are there when we can't be, so the little touches, smiles, blowing kisses are so important. You took such wonderful care of mom. You and your staff will always have a special place in my heart and I kow God will bless each of you for what you do. Thank yo ufor the lovely flowers. You are all so very kind and wonderful."
- C. McKinney -- StoneCreek

Dear StoneCreek Staff,

"We would like to thank you for the abundant kindness, care and concern you provided our dear momma while she was a resident at StoneCreek. Your jobs and the services you provide are challenging. Not everyone is cut out for that line of work, but we would like to commend your organization for putting together a staff to be proud of! We have heard so many horror stories; thankfully we have none of our own. We would like to give a special thanks for the sincere kindess shown to our mother, Ella, and our father, Weaver. It will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for sending the multi-colored croton plant. Momma would have been so touched by your kindness. Warmed our hearts during this time of sorrow."
- Luci & Hilda -- StoneCreek

"Thank you so much for your effort, patience, and attentiveness. In a week you got me back on my feet, sent me home with great exercises and a week after that I was back to normal. I've told lots of people (including doctors) how good you are."
- Mary Ann Cook -- StoneCreek

Dearest Teresa,

"I love you! You wore so many “hats” that Bud, Janice, and I needed through moms almost 4 years there: yes social worker but also confidant, counselor (to mom & us), messenger, and mostly: friend!!  Your diligence and genuine caring in your job was always so apparent. You and many others made us make a hard decision get easier and easier. We realized that she really was home- complete with loving and caring friends. I knew she would be taken care of but would never have expected the degree of “family” we would all feel. Thank you dear, you’ll always be special to us…& mom."
- Love, Georgianne -- Hendersonville Health

Dear Hendersonville Health & Rehab,

"Thank you so much for the memorial bible for my brother, Fred Taylor. It will be a wonderful remembrance of him. He received excellent care from all the staff and I commend you for your service."
- Nellie Young -- Hendersonville Heatlh

To Everyone in the 100 wing,

"There are no words to thank you enough for the love and care you gave my father Bob Laubach or us during our stay with you. Please know you are appreciated and amazing people."
- Luanne (Bob’s daughter) -- Hendersonville Health

Dear DON's Team,

 "I want to thank each of you who took such good care of my Daddy. To choose a career of caring for those who cannot care for themselves takes a special type of person. We want you to know we notice and appreciate you for waking up and doing it again and again. Thank you for allowing us to rest knowing he would be looked after by quality people! He is extra special. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"
- The Bryant's -- Hendersonville Health

"My experience as a physical rehab patient at Hickory Falls after having knee surgery was outstanding. All of my needs were met and/or exceeded. Every employee I had contact with was very personable and made sure I was well cared for. I would highly recommend Hickory Falls!"
- Dan Hardee -- Hickory Falls

 "Greetings All! Please pardon my delay - it just seems that life overtakes the little things. I wanted to thank you all for everything you did for my mom who was there during the month of February. You all are amazing caretakers and she definitely reaped the benefits and is doing well"
- DK -- Madison Health

"From November 12, 2015 until January 11 of this year I received outpatient physical therapy from your staff two to three times a week. Please accept this note as my sincere thanks for their excellent clinical service and outstanding interpersonal skills.

While I did not receive physical therapy from everyone in the department, I did come to enjoy knowing them and simply visiting with them while my clinical needs were being met. The entire group was not only skillful, as I observed from my therapy and from the skill and kindness which they showed others, but they were also friendly and congenial. I looked forward to my time in the department, not only for how much it helped me but also for the pleasure of the time.

Please know what a good group you have and extend to them my appreciation for their skill and care. My most recent time with your staff was a result of an earlier treatment period beginning in April 2015, following knee surgery. When I needed rehabilitation services following a total knee replacement last November, I had no doubt about returning to your staff.

In the months since becoming acquainted with your facility and staff, I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.

Thank you for your consideration and for putting together such a good staff."

- R. Wachs -- Sanford Health & Rehabilitation

"I was a resident in June 2015 and received excellent care while in your facility. Just wanted to say thank you to the therapy staff and the nursing staff. You guys are the best."

"Thank you so much for the beautiful plant, the loving care you gave George and your prayers. Your kindness will always be remembered."
- Sara & Family -- Anson Health & Rehab

"To the Administrator, I just wanted to let you know that I had the chance of witnessing your company out on an outing at the Cracker Barrel on Tunnel Road. I was so amazed on how the leader was treating the residents. My parents are getting some age on them and it's so hard to think about long term care for them. With that being said the young lady with your group was GREAT. She smiled the whole time, said the blessing before lunch, and assisted them with care. It's great to know there are good people in the world to love the elderly. You could see on the lady's face that she loves her job. I will be telling everyone what I witnessed. Thank you for caring."
So Thankful,
- M.N. Boone -- StoneCreek

"Dear Andrea: How I wish you could come change my bed and my clothes for me! I now am at home with David, my son, but it was a pleasant time each morning when you came to do all the necessary things for me. I was always glad to see you, knowing all the tasks were well done. You never said a word but went right to work, not only mornings but anytime during the day you would come with a smile to do whatever it took. I personally want to thank you for doing a superb job all the time I was there. I trust you are well and able to work. So many thanks are due you for a job well done."
- L. Martin -- StoneCreek

"I would like to bring to your attention the wonderful care I am receiving here at Elizabeth City Health and Rehabilitation.  I came here in a great critical condition.  The treatment nurse nursed me back to health.  She is wonderful, knowledgeable, and happy to lend her ear when needed, and I needed her quite often.  She is truly a treasure to find.  I would also like to acknowledge some others as well; the transport team for always taking the time to make sure I am not in pain when going out to the doctor’s office, one of my medication nurses for cheering me on when I first started to walk again after spending so many months in bed, and another medication nurse for helping me with whatever I needed with her cheerful disposition.  I would not have come so far if it wasn’t for any of these people.  They are truly an amazing group of people and I am truly grateful for them."
- Mary Waterfield -- Elizabeth City

"Thank you for having a bed available when it was needed and for taking such good care of me during my three weeks stay. You pampered me so beautifully that I came home in really good shape. I'm not frightened anymore and know that getting back to "normal" is just around the corner."

"Sincere thanks to all of the Sanstone Health and Rehabilitation family for your care, kindness and beautifull flowers. Your support both during Nanny's stay at Sanstone Health and Rehabilitation as well as in her passing will always be remembered."

"The Wade family wanted to thank you and your staff for everything you did for our mother, grandmother, and most of all my wife. The flowers were beautiful. Thank you again."

"Thank you so much for your effort, patience, and attentiveness. In a week you got me back on my feet, sent me home with great exercises, and a week after that I was back to normal. I’ve told lots of people (including doctors) how good you are. Everyone have a wonderful holiday season!"
- Mary Ann Cook

"Not all rehab  and long-term care facilities are created equal. When I moved my mother to Madison H&R the care and kindness were beyond my expectations.  She had been in a facility where the care was deplorable and where she was over medicated into a stupor.  That changed immediately when she entered Madison H & R.  She was treated with respect and medications were altered.  I cannot say she had a miraculous recovery being 99 years old  but her character had life again. My mother formed relationships with staff for which I will be eternally grateful."
- DS Gordon

"My name is Margaret Davis and I am a volunteer ombudsman with the Land of Sky.  Yesterday, we had our annual retreat at Eliada Home. Stephanie was there to provide workshop information; “What to look for in an activity program”.  In addition to learning some valuable information about what CAC’s should be looking for in an activities program when we visit elder care facilities, she  led us in an activity that was fun and energized the entire group.  I was impressed with Stephanie’s energy and obvious pride and expertise in her job as Activity Director.    The residents are lucky to have Stephanie as their “happiness leader”."
- Margaret Davis, CAC East Team, Buncombe County

"The best thing about the facility thus far, is that they have held to their promise to care for my love one and they are also holding to the words of my dear friend who strongly recommended your facility. Your facility has been good for my mom. Although I must visit daily, I do sleep at night."                             
- Linda, Mother is on A Wing 

"I sincerely appreciate such a nice Thanksgiving Luncheon invitation to join my brother Paul Pickler. I discussed that with Paul and he prefers that I be at home on Thanksgiving.  He enjoys meals in his room and that's just his personality.  I visit him 2 to 3 times a week with snacks he likes and he is quite satisfied with that. After being a caregiver to him for 38 years, I rejoice in the fact that he has a home at Hickory Falls with so many kind and professional people. My prayers are continually with Hickory Falls and may God Bless each one!  Happy Thanksgiving!"
- Carol DeFouw

"I needed a rehab facility following a 20-day hospitalization and chose Madison Health & Rehabilitation in Mars Hill. You won’t find a more comfortable place for skilled care. Each staff person I encountered was kind and well-trained. From the moment I entered until I left a week later, I was treated with dignity. They helped me make excellent progress."
- Saralyn Collins

Mrs. Nina Ballard chats with Social Worker, Carolyn Shuford, as she prepares to return home after her rehabilitation at MADISON HEALTH AND REHABILITATION in Mars Hill.  Nina shares her determined journey of working diligently with her skilled physical therapists as she relearned and regained her writing and eating skills.  Nina’s story of her return to health and home is a story to share with our community.  MADISON HEALTH AND REHABILITATION is dedicated to serving every need of each resident with an emphasis on physical, occupational and speech therapies.  Nina says, “Everyone has been so helpful and kind to me.  I loved physical therapy, even though it was hard, because it was making me better.”
- Nina Ballard

"Mary Myers is a long term resident that came to our facility for Rehab following a Stroke. She has made a remarkable recovery and says she really enjoys going to therapy each day. The therapy staff is wonderful and has helped her so much! She is still working with them and making improvements each day!"

 "Dr. George Puryear was very pleased with the care and rehab he received while he was here after his biking accident. He worked diligently and was able to return home in just a few weeks. Dr. Puryear was smiling as he left the facility to go home."

"Bob Garris was hospitalized after a severe fall and was hesitant about rehab, but feels he made a great decision to come here. He and his family were very pleased with his care and outcome. It was the visits from his family and community that helped make his experience that much better. Knowing there is rehab close to home, makes it that much better!" 

"We would like to extend our sincere thanks to you and your staff for the compassionate care provided to our Aunt Clara Owens. Also, you truly went the "extra mile" in securing the bed on the 600 wing! In every way, she was treated with dignity by each individual caring for her, and we are very aware that this level of care does not exist in some other facilities. The cleanliness was very evident and we commend you and each person responsible for diligence in this area. Other health facilities should follow your lead." 
- With our sincere appreciation, Jeanne Holan and Kathy Merrell

"To the administrator, I want to let you know how much I appreciated the care at Hendersonville Health and Rehabilitation. The care of the CNAs, doctors, nurses and physical therapists was exceptional, especially the CNAs, whose job is the most difficult - yet always with a smile!"

"Thanking you for helping to make my stay at Hendersonville Health and Rehab a pleasant one while I was in recovery for a fractured ankle."
- Blessings, Margaret Manofsky

"Just a quick note to let you know how please I am with my experience at Hendersonville Health and Rehab. After three months of incorrectly using my walker, DeLynn Pace entered my room and fixed the problme immediatety after severl other therapists totally missed the fact the walker was too high. I continue my therapy as an outpaitient with DeLynn for another two months and feel she gave me my spirit back."
- Nancy Ires

"Hey Brandee, I did appreciate the little card, and the royal sendoff I got there! Never expected that! Can you convey to the staff and everyone else how much I thank them for the care I got there. I think I was treated pretty well, and I got my own room as well! The therapists were particularly good, rehabing me, and it was also thanks to them that I was able to leave in such good time! Also, as I had to do bathroom duty so much in the night, even though they were mostly so busy, I always had prompt attention. I will certainly come and see everyone as soon as I am albe. I am on a walker now, but hoping to do better after I see my doctor next week. Again, thank ya'll so much." 
- Pamela Rae

"On behalf of the Bishop family, we would like to sincerely thank your staff for the care, friendshipa nd support you all gave our mother frances, during the last 7 1/2 years of her life. Ya'll managed to make this time as happy as possible in spite of her illness. We are indebted to each and every one of you for the wonderful way mom was looked after while in your care. The family could rest easy knowing she was in a safe place, with such kind, loving caregivers."
- Love and gratitude, Jerry, Diane, Audrey and the whole Bishop family 

"Mary Myers is a long term resident that came to our facility for Rehab following a Stroke. She has made a remarkable recovery and says she really enjoys going to therapy each day. The therapy staff is wonderful and has helped her so much! She is still working with them and making improvements each day!"

 "Dr. George Puryear was very pleased with the care and rehab he received while he was here after his biking accident. He worked diligently and was able to return home in just a few weeks. Dr. Puryear was smiling as he left the facility to go home."

 "Bob Garris was hospitalized after a severe fall and was hesitant about rehab, but feels he made a great decision to come here. He and his family were very pleased with his care and outcome. It was the visits from his family and community that helped make his experience that much better. Knowing there is rehab close to home, makes it that much better!" 

"I want to bring to your attention the excellent service provided by two of your CNAs who work the 3-11 shift on the 400 hall of the A wing. They are Kameka Talley and MyKayla Petree. I am always happy to see these two on duty when I arrive in the afternoon. They assist each other and never complain about the residents they serve. When I leave at night, I know Joe is in good hands. Also, I want to complment a LPN - Theresa Jackson - who sometimes works the 400 hall. In the past month, she has taken time to explain the danger of the C-Diff (which Joe had) and how contagious it was. She never seems too busy to answer my questions and if she says she will get back with me, I can depend on it. Please pass along to their supervisors my appreciation for their excellent work. 
- Annabel Kiser

"My own goals for physical rehab exceeded reality, but motivated by such probably exceeded the professionals goals. I realize I was fortunate to have Bryte Bowers as Occupational and Kelli as Physical Therapists and the competence of others."
- Robert Huber, Rehab Graduate 2015

"Thank you Oak Forest! You have made my choice to have knee surgery and seek out in house therapy the best! When I come back I hope to see you all again!"
– Rehab Graduate 2014 

"Dr. C and Sue Maultsby visited mom the day I asked. Sue is a good listener and puzzle solver. Dr. C is excellent physician and helps cheer us up in tense situations-good humor!"
- Janet Yates, Family Member of Rehab Graduate 2015 

"I had some concerns about placing my Aunt in any facility but I have pleased with the care she has had thus far. In a perfect world she would have nursing staff that exceeded her needs but I realize that we live in a time in which health care is not what it should be. But I am very grateful for the care she has. The staff show compassion and care and that is very important to me."
- Denise King

"The best thing about the facility thus far, is that they have held to their promise to care for my loved one and they are also holding to the words of my dear friend who strongly recommended your facility. Your facility has been good for my mom. Although I must visit daily, I do sleep at night."
- Linda, (daughter)

"Therapy staff was outstanding and answered all my questions. At first I didn't think he was getting enough therapy but upon realizing he was getting plenty. I could see his progress from day to day. I was very pleased with it and I have learned a lot."
- Ruth Smith 

"I would like to thank the Nurses/Nurses Assistants for the superior care given to my father, Amos Pigford, during his stay. I must admit that I was nervous and concerned about him going to any type of nursing facilty. The loving care and attention that Oak Forest has provided to him has far exceeded my expectations. I am in awe of of how friendly the staff is. Every time I come to visit the staff will greet me as I walk down the hall from the Director of OF to the nurses, the social workers and therapists, to the employees who care for the facility. Thank you again for the peace of mind you have given me and the superior care you have provided for my father. You are a blessing."
- Evelyn Acreee

To Kevin at Oak Forest Health and Rehab,

"I came into facility on Sept 17, 2015 and I wanted to let you know I received very good care. The therapy care was great. They me back up on my feet and to walking by myself. Also as far as the nursting, they gve me excellent care. The offic esatff, nurses, CNA's, therapy department were all so good to me and helped me with all my needs. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs care while getting well. You have a very good facility and staff, you should be very proud of them. Also your kitchen staff was very prompt on getting the food you like, while following our diet needs. Thank you!"
- Ann Ellis-Hill, Kernersville, NC 

"Thank you for being so kind to us last Friday wehn we visited my siter Cara Kirby. Everyone was so helpful and you went out of your way to set up a private room for our lunch and visit. I'm sure she is a problme sometimes but I can see she gets the care she needs. The hospitality was wonderful." 
- Sister, Jane Weaver

“The staff at Hickory Falls Health and Rehabilitation is excellent; they treated me with the upmost professionalism. The therapy department could not have been any better. If you need intensive therapy to get back on your feet Hickory Falls Health and Rehabilitation is the way to go.” 
- James Silvestri - Granite Falls

“If you or a loved one have a need for professional, compassionate care in a skilled nursing and rehab facility we highly recommend Hickory Falls Health and Rehabilitation”
- Gwyn and Carolyn Sullivan - Granite Falls


Sick and Weakened
I arrived on your doorsteps,
Fearful and alone.
You welcomed me with open arms and a smile that would inspire trust in anyone
You nursed me back to Health;
Helped repair my mind and body,
Also cleaned some of my soul and inspired my heart.
To find a friend, when at first you were only a stranger!

- Mr. Hodge, Resident at Beystone
September 27, 2012